Frequently Asked Questions

Are the protein gummies all natural?

YES! To ensure we are providing our customers with the best product possible we created our gummies with 100% all natural ingredients.

What type of protein is used in your gummies?

We use a high quality 100% whey protein so you stay full long after you snack!

Where can I buy Strong Snax?

Please click this link to visit our site that shows all of our current retailers. As our company grows, so are our retail locations- stay tuned as we constantly add more locations near you!

Can kids eat your Strong Snax?

ABSOLUTELY! We encourage our gummy snacks to be enjoyed by adults and children. It is a great alternative to high-sugar candy and gummies- plus it gives kids 16 grams of extra protein in their diet!

Are there any new flavors coming out?

Although we do not have a timeline- we are always working to grow our brand and ensure we are providing our customers with variations of our superior product. Stay tuned!

Are Strong Snax Gummies gluten free?

That is correct! Strong Snax gummies are completely gluten free so our customers with gluten intolerance can enjoy our gummies worry free!

Are you able to ship internationally?

Yes- we are happy to do so! Please click this link for more information regarding any shipping questions.


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